What Is Gov Ball

Music. Art. Food. Experiences. Community. Surprises. NEW. YORK. CITY.

The Gov Ball experience encompasses all of these and is unlike any other festival out there. Built by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers, the festival is always evolving, always entertaining, and always striving to exceed your expectations.

“A Festival with a New York Heart”

4 Stages and over 70 acts. A food program that features the City’s best eats and highlights its incredible culinary diversity. Visual artists from NYC and around the world. A beverage program that features popular name brands, craft, spirits, cocktail concoctions, and plenty of non alcoholic options. Art installations in the form of mural towers, huge statues, and high flying inflatables. Unannounced pop up performances that surprise and delight. The one of a kind 360° festival layout that prevents sound bleed and eliminates long walks between stages. And so much more.



What is your go-to Gov Ball dance move?

“This is my 5th Gov Ball & Gov Ball is just one of my favorite festivals. It’s more than just the music, but the art & the people… it’s just an all around experience!”

What is your go-to Gov Ball dance move?

What does Gov Ball mean to you?