Festival Information

Festival Dates & Hours

Friday, June 5 – Sunday, June 7th 2020
11:45am – 11:00pm, each day

Rain or Shine

The festival is a rain or shine event. In the event of rain, we advise ponchos, boots, umbrellas, and rubber duckies. In the event of sunshine, we advise sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and pink flamingos.

ADA & Accessibility

Go to the ADA & Accessibility information page to learn more about our Access Program for patrons with disabilities. 

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Earplugs
  • Small backpacks or bags, no larger than 16”x 16”x 8”
  • Valid Driver’s License for will-call, entry and/or to drink alcohol. Please visit 18+ Age Policy for more information on acceptable IDs for entry.
  • Non-professional film and digital cameras
  • (2) Factory sealed bottles of water (non-glass containers) or better yet, bring an empty refillable bottle.
  • Phone charging case or phone charger
  • A super sweet outfit
  • Blankets or beach towels
  • Comfortable shoes
  • At least two good Dad jokes
  • Not just a good attitude…a GREAT attitude

What NOT to Bring

  • Weapons of ANY kind
  • Fireworks/explosives
  • Illegal Substances
  • Tobacco/smoking products of any kind (including e-cigs, vape, etc.)
  • Outside Food – A personal sized food item is allowed for those with specific dietary restrictions, with a doctor’s note only.
  • Large backpacks or suitcases. Bags must be smaller than: 16”x16”x8”
  • Large or hard sided coolers
  • Picnic Baskets
  • Skateboards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles
  • Large Umbrellas (personal sized are okay)
  • Hard back chairs / Lawn Furniture
  • Totems made of wood, metal and/or PVC material will NOT be allowed (this includes flap poles and heavy sticks.) No totems taller than 6ft, and thicker than 1/2 inch. Must be made of light material.
  • Pets
  • Glass containers of any kind
  • Alcohol (alcohol will be sold at the Festival)
  • Instruments
  • Chains/Chain Wallets
  • Nun chucks
  • Selfie Sticks (they block sight lines and someone, somewhere will judge you)
  • Laser pointers
  • Professional still camera equipment (no detachable lenses, no tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs)
  • Audio/video recording equipment
  • Drones or hover cameras
  • Emotional baggage
  • No illegal vending is permitted. No unauthorized/unlicensed vendors allowed.
  • Anything really valuable! Theft isn’t common at the festival at all but better safe than sorry!

Lost & Found

Lost something at the festival other than your mind? Find something at the festival other than your true self? Email with as much information as you can provide and we will get right back to you.

Random Bad Joke

Why was the musician arrested? He was in treble.

Cash & Credit Cards

There are ATMs at several locations throughout the festival grounds with applicable service fees. Please don’t pull a Patrick Bateman on the ATMs. Many vendors accept credit cards, including the merch tents and the food and beverage tents.

Another method of payment, right on your wristband, is Gov Ball Cashless. Simply register for Gov Ball Cashless when you activate your wristband, create a secure pin, and you will be able to make payments with your wristband. This will quicken lines, save everyone time, and make life easy peasy lemon squeezy. Plus it’s the absolute most secure form of payment!

Food & Drinks

Delicious food & drink is a huge part of what Gov Ball is, and once again we have curated our 2020 food lineup to bring you some of the best eateries, food trucks, and chefs the city has to offer. 2020 vendors will be announced in spring 2020, along with specific food items each vendor will be serving.

As far as drinks go, a wide variety of beverages (including beer, wine, and non-alcoholic) will be served all over the festival grounds, and there will be enclosed Liquor Lounges in both the General and VIP areas, for those of you who prefer the sauce.

Free Water Stations

Free Water stations will be located throughout the grounds for you to use at your convenience and satiate your thirst. It is EXTREMELY important that you stay hydrated at the festival, regardless of how hot it is outside. And don’t forget what Derek Zoolander said: “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty,” which essentially means water rules and you should drink a ton of it.

Cell Phones & Valuables

There has been an increase in cell phone thefts at music festivals around the world. Please remember to always keep yourself and your belongings safe (i.e. cell phones, wallets, etc.). Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your personal items at ALL times to avoid pickpockets or potential loss of items. If you find something OR lose something, email or head to the Lost & Found tent.

Safety & Medical

There is nothing we care more about than your safety and well-being. As such, medical tents will be located throughout the festival grounds, and they will be clearly marked and able to be seen from afar. Trained EMTs will be on-hand in these tents to address any and all medical incidents, and please don’t be afraid to stop by a medical tent – even if you just have a question.

Additionally, if you see anyone at the festival who appears to be in need of medical assistance, please inform a member of our medical or security team, or even help him/her find their way to the medical tent(s). We are all in this together, so please look out for one another! Lastly, anyone bringing prescription medication or a syringe for medical purposes (including epi-pens) will need to show your medication, prescription label and a photo ID at the festival entrance.

Age Policy

Gov Ball 2020 is open to all ages, but attendees 17 & under must be accompanied by someone 21 or older. Please visit New Age Policy for detailed information on this new policy and how it affects you!

Children 5 years old and younger are admitted free. Strollers are allowed. Children of the Corn are not welcome.

Re-Entry Policy

All ticket holders will be allowed to enter and exit the festival grounds once each day. As such, there is no re-entry each day of the festival.


  • Questions regarding our ADA and Accessibility program at Gov Ball:
  • Submit an Artist to perform:
    • We don’t accept artists submissions for the festival but thank you for your interest!
  • Press & Editorial Inquiries:
    • For any questions related to press/media at the festival, contact The application for press credentials to Governors Ball 2020 is available here. The deadline to apply is May 3rd, 2020. Any applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

Gov Ball and Front Gate Tickets staff is ready before, after, and during the festival to answer any of questions or concerns you might have. Please have patience – we receive a large number of emails each day and will answer questions in the order in which they are received.

Box Office Location & Hours

There are two main box offices, each located at the two entrances to the festival on Randall’s Island.

The box offices will be open each day of the festival for will-call pick up and ticket purchases (if still available) from 11:00am until 10pm

Getting To Gov Ball

How To Get There

Randall’s Island Park is accessible by Subway/Bus, Ferry, Walking, Biking, and Car. Additional information on each method is below, and please note that there is absolutely NO parking on the island due to construction.

  • Subway/Bus: Take the 4/5/6 trains to 125th Street and transfer to the x80 Special Event Bus. There are a TON of busses and they will be running all day and night. Make sure you have money on your Metrocard – the bus charges a roundtrip fare of $6.50.
  • Ferry from Manhattan: Leaves from 35th Street and the FDR drive and arrives right at the festival gates. If you’re on the east side of Manhattan this is the best way to get to/from the fest. Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance. Tickets will be available soon – stay tuned!
  • Walking/Biking: You can walk over the RFK bridge, which is a 20 minute walk from the 125th Street 4/5/6 subway station, or you can walk over the 103rd Street Footbridge which is also a 20 minute walk and located at 103rd street and the FDR drive. The 103rd street route is more scenic and usually less crowded, especially leaving the festival.
  • Cars: We expect lots of traffic, and we highly discourage taking cars, cabs, ride share services etc. to the show. If you must take cars to the show you should take them to the RFK or 103rd street bridges and walk from there. Trust us this will save you time. Additionally, you will NOT be able to request an Uber, black car, or cab between the hours of 9pm-1am, as for ­hire vehicles will not be permitted on the island then. We suggest you take other means to get off the Island, and then request an Uber/black car/cab once you are off Randall’s Island.

Festival Location

Randall’s Island Park
20 Randalls Island Park
New York, NY 10035
USA, Earth

The festival takes place in two adjacent fields of the park: the Harlem River Event Area (right by Icahn Stadium) and the Randall’s Island Golf Center Driving Range. There are two main entrances:

The East Entrance: Located right next to Icahn stadium, this entrance is for people who arrive by MTA bus, taxis/ubers, the Queens RFK bridge walkway, and the 103rd street footbridge.

The West Entrance: Located right by the ferry dock, this entrance is for people who arrive by Manhattan Ferry and the Manhattan RFK bridge walkway.

Travel & Lodging

Where To Stay

Check out our partner for a variety of accommodations for every style and budget. Hotel with a pool? They got those! Room with a view? Yep. On a budget? No worries, has the guaranteed LOWEST rates.

Where to Fly/Train/Bus Into

Flying? There are three airports that service the NYC area: LGA, JFK, and EWR. EWR is located in New Jersey and is bit a further away so keep that in mind when booking.

Taking the Choo-Choo? You can take Amtrak, NJ transit or LIRR into into Penn Station, and you can take Metro North into Grand Central Station.

Rocking the Bus? You can take most major bus lines into Port Authority, and some smaller bus lines to other parts of the city. Just make sure your final destination is in the city and you’ll be good.

Before Buying Tickets

What Types of Tickets Are Available?

  • 3-Day General Admission Ticket – Enjoy all three days of the festival and the entire lineup
  • 3-Day VIP Ticket – All the access of a General Admission Ticket with added comfort and premium viewing
  • 3-Day VIP LUXE Ticket – All the access of a VIP Ticket plus access to an elevated viewing platform for the festival’s main stage, catered snacks and all-inclusive beverages.
  • 3-Day Platinum Ticket – All the access of a VIP ticket, plus on-stage viewing for participating artists, access to backstage, open-bar hospitality areas, and more
  • Cabanas – Secure, private, exclusive areas for large parties, plush with high end hospitality service and so much more. This is the most high end way to experience the festival and perfect for corporate groups and upscale guests.

Purchase your ticket and read additional details on our Tickets Page.

How Many Tickets Can I Buy? Is there a Limit?

Yes, there is an event ticket purchase limit of 6 tickets. This limit applies per person, per transaction, per credit card, per billing address, per email address, and other factors.

Any person or group that exceeds the ticket limit in any way is subject to and at risk of order cancellation and refunding at the discretion of Gov Ball and its partners at any time after initial purchase.

Is There a Layaway Plan for Tickets?

Layaway Plans are available for all ticket types. The layaway plan option can be selected during the transaction process. Please note that there is a minimum order total to be eligible for the plan. After the first installment, all subsequent installments will be charged automatically to the card given initially. Curious about your layaway plan payment schedule? Just check the bottom of your Front Gate email receipt for a refresher about your schedule and the amount that will be charged each date. This information is also available in your Front Gate account! For more information about the layaway plan, and existing orders on a payment plan, please contact our official ticket provider, Front Gate Tickets via

Do I Pay Full Price For My Child?

Children 5 years old and younger are admitted free. Strollers are allowed.

Ticket Protection

We now offer 100% Ticket Protection in the event that you cannot attend the festival for a valid, documented reason. The cost is a small percentage of the ticket price and can be added to your order during the purchase process. For additional information on ticket protection, please refer to Front Gate Tickets page or call 888.512.SHOW.

Craigslist, StubHub & Scalping

Every year, some of our fans think that buying a wristband via Craigslist, StubHub, or any broker site will save them some cash and allow them to access the festival. Unfortunately, many of these are either already used or are counterfeits. Once a wristband has changed hands from its original owner, there is nothing we can do to remedy any issues.

If you want 100% confidence, you must purchase your Tickets at every single time.

Often times, fans will try to sell their wristbands to others if they cannot attend a certain day. Unfortunately, the removing of a wristband automatically voids it. Our security team will ensure that every wristband has not been tampered with. If caught, you will be escorted away from the festival grounds.

Late Night Show Tickets

Gov Ball After Dark shows take place around NYC after the festival has concluded each night. Your Gov Ball Festival wristband does not grant you access to these shows. You will need to buy a ticket through the venue. More info on the 2020 After Dark shows coming soon!

After Buying Tickets

I Need To Update My Shipping Address

You may have moved recently or would like your order shipped to a different address. Our friends at Front Gate Tickets can now update your shipping address! Follow these easy instructions to begin the process.

Wristband Shipment Info

Wristbands will ship 2-4 weeks prior to the festival.

If you have not received your wristband(s) 72 hours prior the start of the festival, please contact our ticket provider, Front Gate Tickets, at .

Do I Have To Activate My Wristband?

Uh, yeah! We strongly encourage you to activate your wristband for Gov Ball. Wristband activation ensures a smooth process when entering the festival each day and makes sure that your investment remains yours. Once you have activated your wristband, you will have the option to register for Gov Ball Cashless which adds quick and easy payments throughout the park.

Whether you choose to join the Gov Ball Cashless party or not, you will definitely want to activate your wristband. Equipped with RFID technology, each wristband will be personalized to YOU! But only after you activate your wristband!

Taking this simple action will secure your investment and make sure the unique ID associated with your wristband is tied to the right person. In the event you encounter any issues as you enter or exit the festival grounds, activated ticket-holders will receive quicker assistance.

How Do I Upgrade to a VIP or Platinum Ticket?

If you’d like to upgrade your Gov Ball tickets in advance, please contact our ticketing partner, Front Gate Tickets, for assistance at, and have your original order number and information handy.

Questions About An Order Already Placed

If you’ve already purchased your 3-Day or 1-Day Ticket and need to change your shipping address, want to know the status of your order, look up your order history, or have a general question about your order, please contact our official ticket provider, Front Gate Tickets via or call 888.512.SHOW.

Refunds and/or exchanges are not allowed after a ticket is purchased.

ADA & Accessibility

Transportation Options

Parking is not provided at the festival. Transportation options are listed here:, and a description of accessibility for these options is here:

Bus: The buses from 125th St. are city buses. They are all accessible and equipped with lifts.

Walking: 103rd St Footbridge appears to be accessible but is a long journey from the base of the bridge to the entrance of the festival. The bridge is about .25 miles and the walk from the bridge to the festival entrance is approx. 1.5 miles. RFK 125th Bridge: This bridge is not very accessible, with periods of steep incline and decline and rough terrain. The 125th Street elevator is operational and accessible.

Ferry: The East River Ferry states that all parts of the ferry are accessible except for the top deck.

Car, Paratransit, Taxi: No parking is available on Randall’s Island. NYC paratransit will pick up and drop off at Randall’s Island, and cars are allowed onto the island for pick up and drop off. Follow signs to Lot E to pickup and drop off patrons with disabilities.

Service Animals are Welcome, Pets are Not

Persons with disabilities and their service dogs or miniature horses that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities are welcome at the Gov Ball, as are service animals in training accompanied by a documented trainer from a formal training program. Other types of animals and pets are not allowed.

A service animal must be trained and if it does not adhere to the following conditions the handler will have to remove the animal from the site. The handler may return without the animal. The animal must:

  • be housebroken
  • be under the control of its handler at all times
  • not threaten the health or safety of any person or animal

Anyone bringing an animal will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal. If a service animal is injured the result may be fines and/or imprisonment.

Anyone who has questions or needs regarding their service animal may write to or stop by the ADA Access Info Booth during the festival.

Description of the Festival Site

Gov Ball is held in a somewhat hilly park with some paved pathways, and much traveling to be done over mowed grass. The site has potential to become muddy in heavy rain. Some hills are a bit steep so some persons may want to bring power chairs or scooters or someone to help push if that is needed. Others will be able to manage with a manual wheelchair if they are feeling strong. The length of the festival is about a third of a mile and about half of that in width.

Entering and Exiting Systems for Patrons with Mobility Disabilities

West (Ferry) Entrance: As you arrive, look for access volunteers under the sign with the wheelchair symbol. They can escort you into the festival. Stop by the ADA Access Info Booth to learn where to meet for assistance with exiting and for other Access Program services as described in “Access Customer Service”.

East Entrance: As you approach the East Entrance, use the right lane with the wheelchair symbol. Once inside you will be right by the ADA Access Info Booth. Ask about assistance with exiting and lining up for the bus.

Viewing Platforms

Stop by the ADA Access Info Booth to request a wristband giving permission to use these platforms. These raised viewing platforms are reserved for patrons with mobility disabilities and one companion, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis at each of the four stages. Folding chairs are provided. Look for the wheelchair symbol sign. Families with 2 adults and children under 18 may remain together on the platforms.

American Sign Language Interpreters

American Sign Language interpreter services will be provided upon request only. Please contact We ask that you submit your request as soon as you purchase a ticket, and if possible, by May 1, 2020. The sooner we have your request, the sooner we can confirm the most experienced music interpreters available – you know, the ones that book way in advance. Also, interpreters are most successful when they have time to study the music, learn lyrics etc. Last minute requests can be difficult to fulfill but we’ll do our best.

Accessible Portable Toilets

Are available at the ends of each row of restrooms throughout the festival grounds and near to most accessible viewing platforms.

Hearing Protection for Your Kids

To help protect your child’s hearing, stop by the ADA Access Center to borrow a set of Baby Banz earmuffs. We have sizes for infants and children up to age 12. Put down a $30 refundable deposit by registering for the cashless RFID system and if you return the muffs at the end of the day/weekend, your deposit is returned. If you don’t return them, we’ll deduct the $30 from your Cashless account after the festival. Supplies are limited so be sure to get them when you first arrive.

Mobility Devices

Mobility devices such as manual and motorized wheelchairs, three and four-wheeled scooters, walkers, crutches, braces and canes, are welcome at this event. Other mobility devices need to be pre-approved by GovBall to make sure they are safe to use in this situation. Contact with the make and model of your device and a link to the manufacturer’s website. Send your request at least one week before the event. We may need time to research the device.

Because of the distances that need to be covered, some people who do not always use mobility devices such as wheelchairs or scooters may wish to bring one. They are typically available to rent from your local medical supply house, or ask your search engine “rent wheelchair/scooter near me.” Explain that you will be operating the chair on grass so larger, fatter tires are best. You may want to get a chair with large wheels that you may operate yourself, as well as handles in the back in case you need help getting through the grassy sections.

Access Customer Service

Before The Festival: If you have questions about our Access Program or requests for accommodation, please email before May 1, 2020.

At The Festival: Stop by one of the ADA Access Info Booths. One is located just inside the East Entrance, the other is for those who come by ferry. Turn left after getting off the ferry and look for the booth with the wheelchair symbol sign. At these booths people with mobility disabilities may check out an access wristband for permission to use the raised viewing platforms, recharge wheelchairs and scooters, find the ASL interpreting schedule (if a request has been made in advance), Braille and Large Print program guides, learn where to meet for assistance with exiting, get assistance and information about the Access Program, and fill out a feedback form. Nursing or pumping moms are welcome to come by the ADA/Access Center located just inside the East entrance. We have a bit of privacy (you may also want to bring a cover-up), power, and a folding chair to offer. If you want to bring in a pump, please write to to let us know in advance.

After The Festival: Write with your comments. Help us improve each year.

Partners, Media & Press

This Year’s Festival Partners

Please visit our Partners page for a complete list of Festival partners and sponsorship contact information.

Become A Gov Ball Partner

Interested in being a festival partner? Please contact for more information.

Press & Photo Inquries

For any questions related to press/media at the festival, contact The application for press credentials to Governors Ball 2020 is available here. The deadline to apply is May 3rd, 2020. Any applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

Marketing & Media Partnerships

For inquires about marketing and media partnerships, please email