Please send questions only to addresses with associated topics. If you are unsure which e-mail to use, please send your questions to the general info address. Thanks!

  • Questions regarding our ADA and Accessibility program for people with disabilities at Gov Ball:
  • Submit an Artist to perform:
    • We don’t accept Artist submissions for the festival but thank you for your interest!
  • Press & Editorial inquiries:
    • For any questions related to press/media at the festival, contact The application for press credentials to Governors Ball 2019 is closed as of May 3rd, 2019. Any applications submitted before the deadline will receive a reply by May 13th at the latest.

Gov Ball and Front Gate Tickets staff is ready before, after, and during the festival to answer any of questions or concerns you might have. Please have patience – we receive a large number of emails each day and will answer questions in the order in which they are received.