Every song Dennis Lloyd writes is based on an authentic experience or emotion. The songwriter, producer, trumpet player and singer is interested in a true reflection of himself in the instrumentals and the lyrics, and it’s that sentiment that has immediately connected with fans around the world. His music is undeniable, perhaps because Dennis has always known that he had to create.

Dennis Lloyd was born Nir Tibor in Tel Aviv, Israel. His first instrument was the recorder and by age 8 he was learning to play the trumpet, followed by self-taught guitar and songwriting in his teens. Everything changed when Dennis turned 18 and headed into the army for conscripted service for three years. He wanted to disconnect from music for that span and see if he still felt compelled to create afterwards. By the end of the three years, there was no avoiding it: Dennis wanted to make music for the rest of his life.

In late 2015, the musician decided to travel to Thailand, with no friends or itinerary. The trips sole purpose was to find silence to create music. With only his instruments, recording equipment and a suitcase in hand, he set up shop in a Bangkok apartment for the next year. “The key for me was that I didn’t have Internet, so I couldn’t listen to new music,” Dennis says. “I couldn’t listen to what was going on in the world. So I had to create what I wanted to hear.” By the time he moved back to Tel Aviv in late 2016 he had over 35 tracks.

In November of 2016, Dennis self-released “Nevermind (Alright),” a buoyant R&B-tinged number, which quickly began to build momentum for the artist. “Nevermind (Alright)” had entered Spotify’s Viral Charts almost everywhere in the world, landing at No. 4 on the Global chart. Much to his surprise, emails from record executives started pouring in. The track has since accumulated nearly twenty million streams on Spotify, charted as a Top 10 single in various countries’ and was certified Gold in Italy as of December 2017.

To date, Dennis has released several singles and music videos, including a video for “Leftovers” that he directed and edited himself. The musician has been selling out shows around the world over the past year, with fan enthusiasm that mirrors his concerts at home.